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Rank: Charizard
Online: 6 years ago
Joined: Sep 21, 2011
Nick Name: Lady Gaia
Gender: Female

Name: Gaia Greyblade

Age: 23

Origin: Norse Viking


Gaia the first born of three and only girl in the royal family of Greyblade, she quickly learnt to either outsmart or outrun her boisterous twin brothers who never treated her like a girl let alone a princess.

Picking up the skills her brothers had gained from their fathers teachings she began to become very proficient with a bow and woodsman skills such as tracking and hunting enough to gain the favour of her fathers and brothers, to be looked upon as an equal meant the world to the young princess.

As time moved on her knowledge in diplomacy and skills in negotiation became quite apparent to her brothers, most of the time she could talk her way out of any predicament and if need her blade hand was strong enough to enforce when no other road could be found.


So to the isle of Far Reaches, here is where her greatest story was yet to be found, what will happen to this young maiden?