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Town Members

I am currently making a new town on our server, I am looking for people to join trusted freinds will get a place free all others will have to pay to prices to get a plot of land. I am also looking for Town admins to help run the town The town i am...
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Looking for people to help fight mobs at night
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Build Contests!


Build Anything from a video game or comic series (or the like)!It MUST BE BIGIt MUST BE IMPRESSIVEand It MUST BE BIG!A random amount of money will be donated to all builds I like also a starter kit is available on request if you tell me rough size...
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Build Contests!

#2 Build Contest, Statues!

This is the second build contest! For this build contest we are looking for the best statue of your skin/someone else's skin. Essentially a statue of a minecraft person.Bonus cash will be rewarded to someone that creates a statue of minecraft char...
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Build Contests!

#1 First Contest! Ships!

Hi this is the first, of many, build contests for UlsterCraft! Its gonna be about ships!The best ship that I find on the server will be given the privilege of being moved to the spawn and you will be given credit for it.People that wish to enter w...
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PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING.Site rules:Please refrain from abusing other players, you will be banned.Please do as the admin/moderators ask.Please do not complain about having to apply to join server, it is in the best interest of everyone to stop ...
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