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mike12345567 / Jan 12, 2012
Hello people! The map has been renewed for our server, giving us something new to work on! I have updated the server to 1.1 but I have whitelisted it for the time being as I do not wish it getting damaged. If you wish to come on the server message me and I will whitelist you, but the server does not have bukkit/plugins so a lot of stuff is missing. The server should be back public in like a few days, once me and the admins have finished the new spawn and bukkit has updated!

Message me with any problems :P
mike12345567 / Dec 20, 2011
Simply the server is now running bukkit and minecraft 1.0.1. It is all RB but some plugins have not updated due to it being close to Christmas, therefore some things may fail if you try to use them.

If a glitch occurs please leave a comment, and I will attempt to fix whatever is causing the issue.

On the upside everything is good to go, you can play minecraft 1.0.1 and most things are working :P
mike12345567 / Oct 26, 2011
Lately the server hasn't been much in use. This is down to a few reasons, mostly due to the fact that there isn't enough admins/moderators online to accept/decline applications.

This is due to many reasons, one being that we are all working at the moment, although half term is coming up and *hopefully* 1.9 will be released, so we can get the server updated and everything running.

We haven't been advertising the server lately, due to everyone playing the 1.9pre5 pack, we cnanot update until 1.9 bukkit is released, which I cannot give an ETA on (I would say approx a week after 1.9 comes out)

Heres the thing though, we want members/users who will return and play regularly. Our advertising only produces a few of these each week. So I think everyone should invite their minecraft playing friends to come check us out! after 1.9 comes out we'll go heavy on the advertising, get the server out there and get a good number of regular users, get the server back to what it used to be like.

Also, to give you a reason to invite your friends, for the next month if you bring a friend onto the server who applies and joins, we'll give you both 15K ingame money, to spend in the shop! If you manage to get up to 5 people on the server we'll give you the cash + allow you to select some warps to be put in place.

Lastly if someone manages to 10 new users on the server we'll grant them a month of free donator status! That comes with all the current donator perks + if you make a shop while in donator status it will continue to function after your free month!

Lastly donators we will be looking for one or two new moderators in the next while, so look out on the website, and check it regularly to be in with a chance of getting it!
mike12345567 / Oct 04, 2011
This time it happened for real. The Hard drives were wiped and not backed up as new OS was auto rolled in, so I scurried to repair what I could. The map backup is about 1 week old so stuff won't be there. If you lost stuff/money (economy reset) warn admins and we will do what we can to reimburse you for the loss.

ALSO please attempt to find your homes, admins/moderators will be on the search for peoples buildings, and I will attempt to use MCedit to find things, but Warps have been lost, I never backed this file up centrally as I never thought about it.

One thing I gained from this experience, never listen to technicians when they say "all data will be auto backed up" -_-
mike12345567 / Oct 03, 2011
Hello little serverlings, the server has restarted itself after my attempts to fix it, leading me to believe theres something wrong in the data centre/someone was performing maintenance. Until further notice we are on the look out for bugs, and don't start any big projects for the next few weeks as roll backs did occur, and still could occur. Stability appears to have returned to normal, but further testing is required, over the next few weeks plugins may be loaded/unloaded so please do not be angry if issues like these occur.

As for donations at this point and tine I have been prompted to say that these are DONATIONS not purchases, the things you receive in game for your donations are the way we thank you for helping us stay open. If you aren't satisfied with something on the serverr you can still take your donation back, and we will do our best to accomodate that, but please remember that what we give you as thanks for being a donator is subject to change at ahny time, and we cannot guarantee the servers uptime being totally 24/7, slip ups like yesterday may occur, which lare out of our hands, and require the server to be down.

For issues that we caused e.g. Map corruption (if it were ever to happen) we will reimburse those for what they lost with in game cash and worldedits/recovery of whatever we can from the destroyed map.

sorry for such a heavy comment on the news/state of the server, but for thhe sake of everyone's fun, i felt a few words needed to be said, so on that note, get back on the server, and get building! (moderator / admin contests will restart as normal soon)
mike12345567 / Sep 17, 2011
After our 1.8 spawn is built, bukkit is updated and some important plugins are working, we will begin work on our economy system.

We are not allowing use of the /give command, but we will be using an economy based block purchase system, you can teleport to a shop and buy pretty much any block.

Your cash will come from questing, selling of some types of items, and for those who need a lot of cash quickly, small donations to the server will receive thanks in game in the form of cash in the economy.

We will be setting up a VIP rank, which will get a budget for blocks each month, allowing them pretty much unlimited access to blocks, and this will be a once off payment as we need donations for the hosting of the server.