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Server restarted itself, all seems fine again, warn me of instability.

mike12345567 / Oct 03, 2011
Hello little serverlings, the server has restarted itself after my attempts to fix it, leading me to believe theres something wrong in the data centre/someone was performing maintenance. Until further notice we are on the look out for bugs, and don't start any big projects for the next few weeks as roll backs did occur, and still could occur. Stability appears to have returned to normal, but further testing is required, over the next few weeks plugins may be loaded/unloaded so please do not be angry if issues like these occur.

As for donations at this point and tine I have been prompted to say that these are DONATIONS not purchases, the things you receive in game for your donations are the way we thank you for helping us stay open. If you aren't satisfied with something on the serverr you can still take your donation back, and we will do our best to accomodate that, but please remember that what we give you as thanks for being a donator is subject to change at ahny time, and we cannot guarantee the servers uptime being totally 24/7, slip ups like yesterday may occur, which lare out of our hands, and require the server to be down.

For issues that we caused e.g. Map corruption (if it were ever to happen) we will reimburse those for what they lost with in game cash and worldedits/recovery of whatever we can from the destroyed map.

sorry for such a heavy comment on the news/state of the server, but for thhe sake of everyone's fun, i felt a few words needed to be said, so on that note, get back on the server, and get building! (moderator / admin contests will restart as normal soon)


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