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Server Meltdown 2.0

mike12345567 / Oct 04, 2011
This time it happened for real. The Hard drives were wiped and not backed up as new OS was auto rolled in, so I scurried to repair what I could. The map backup is about 1 week old so stuff won't be there. If you lost stuff/money (economy reset) warn admins and we will do what we can to reimburse you for the loss.

ALSO please attempt to find your homes, admins/moderators will be on the search for peoples buildings, and I will attempt to use MCedit to find things, but Warps have been lost, I never backed this file up centrally as I never thought about it.

One thing I gained from this experience, never listen to technicians when they say "all data will be auto backed up" -_-


D: My glorious empire... of two buildings! :P
your world edit skills were demolished :)
lol sorry lads, long ill help ya rebuild what I can as I remember it, and copper, ill world edit it in properly this time xD
Fortunately I have a good enough recollection of what it was like. I'll rebuild it in the MinecraftStructure Planner. :p
cool :P

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