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Server idling lately

mike12345567 / Oct 26, 2011
Lately the server hasn't been much in use. This is down to a few reasons, mostly due to the fact that there isn't enough admins/moderators online to accept/decline applications.

This is due to many reasons, one being that we are all working at the moment, although half term is coming up and *hopefully* 1.9 will be released, so we can get the server updated and everything running.

We haven't been advertising the server lately, due to everyone playing the 1.9pre5 pack, we cnanot update until 1.9 bukkit is released, which I cannot give an ETA on (I would say approx a week after 1.9 comes out)

Heres the thing though, we want members/users who will return and play regularly. Our advertising only produces a few of these each week. So I think everyone should invite their minecraft playing friends to come check us out! after 1.9 comes out we'll go heavy on the advertising, get the server out there and get a good number of regular users, get the server back to what it used to be like.

Also, to give you a reason to invite your friends, for the next month if you bring a friend onto the server who applies and joins, we'll give you both 15K ingame money, to spend in the shop! If you manage to get up to 5 people on the server we'll give you the cash + allow you to select some warps to be put in place.

Lastly if someone manages to 10 new users on the server we'll grant them a month of free donator status! That comes with all the current donator perks + if you make a shop while in donator status it will continue to function after your free month!

Lastly donators we will be looking for one or two new moderators in the next while, so look out on the website, and check it regularly to be in with a chance of getting it!


ok i will try to invite friends and try to donate soon
Thank you tannis, we will be looking into making people moderators who we believe have truely helped the server (don't have to be a donator but it helps) but those who have invited people and have really helped us out of this ruff patch will get the moderator status.
mike i saw somebody submitted a new application 5 days ago. have you seen it? i didn't know if you saw it or not and maybe it was just rejected.
Yeap he was rejected due to some sections of his application.

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