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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Apr 30, 2012)
mike message me back
(Feb 14, 2012)
mike when r u gonna be on?
(Dec 31, 2011)
tannis do you still go on?
(Dec 23, 2011)
(Dec 21, 2011)
I had some time so I scripted the map back to the best point I could, its pretty much repaired I think :S
(Dec 20, 2011)
also should mention celbo griefed the main area.
(Dec 20, 2011)
(Dec 08, 2011)
and we REQUIRE permissions to be live and public.
(Dec 08, 2011)
Nope sorry tannis, still no RB, until there is an RB all the plugins still don't function.
(Dec 08, 2011)
or i think it has
(Dec 08, 2011)
bukkit has already updated
(Dec 04, 2011)
At the moment tannis only donators have the chance to become moderators, but the server is essentially down at the moment, since bukkit are taking so long to update :S
(Dec 02, 2011)
we should have a forum for ways to become modderator
(Nov 20, 2011)
I will try, although I am very busy and may not be able to keep the advertising up to date.
(Nov 19, 2011)
mike when bukkit updates will the server be advertised?
(Nov 19, 2011)
The full release is out, but the server will be staying in 1.8.1 until there is a stable full release, with a supported bukkit type as well :)
(Nov 19, 2011)
final release is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Nov 09, 2011)
can't wait till 1.9 comes out
(Nov 02, 2011)
Sorry Rulle, at the moment admins are very busy, and we're getting ready for 1.9, we haven't advertised the server much.
(Oct 31, 2011)
why is no one on the server